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Amusement Rides
Tons of Fun Shows consist of 10-15 amusement rides, all rides are registered with the Pa. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Amusements Rides and Attractions. Tons of Fun Shows usually splits all revenues on a percentage basis and supplies air-conditioned, ticket boxes, and all tickets. Our sponsor provide and manage all ticket sales and settle all revenues on a nightly basis.

Game Concessions
Ticket BoothWe also carry 10-20 game concessions, which follow the PA State Police Task Force Guidelines. Our normal procedure for the games is a flat fee per game, per week.

We follow the philosophy of any normal, honest, retail store owner as far as our prizes awards. There's always plenty of plush and novelty toys leaving our midways.

Food Concessions
We usually bring 3-5 food concessions. The food concessions are inspected on a regular basis by the Pa. Health Department and Montgomery County Health Department. Tons of Fun Shows always brings a Cotton Candy concession for no revenue; this supplements our advertising cost. All other food concession are negotiable although our normal request are for the Desert and novelty Foods; such as Funnel Cakes, Cinnamon Buns, Homemade Soft Pretzels and Waffle/Ice Cream. Tons of Fun Shows also pay’s a flat fee per food concession, per week.

Free Advertising
Tons of Fun Shows supplies plenty of free advertising, which includes:

100 colorful posters for Laundromats, post offices, banks, poles, and store entrances

5,000 glued flyers for mini markets, fast food stores, and gas stations

20-25 colorful yard signs for posting in yards in and around the event location.

Advertising on WEEU AM Radio out of Reading and our web site.

We provide a free mobile billboard.  Sponsor shall provide location.

Our normal number of days for an event is four/ five days, with two family ride special on what maybe your slower days. We also do specialty events that are established and run 1 - 3 days.

Tons of Fun Shows takes pride in the fact that we stay within fifty miles of our home in Douglassville, PA .

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