Midway Safety
Safety Image

Star KEEP hands, arms, and legs inside at all times

Star USE safety equipment where provided
(seatbelts and lap bars)

Star STAY in the ride until it comes to a complete stop

Star READ all posted ride rules

Star OBSERVE age weight and height restrictions.

Star FOLLOW all instructions offered by the ride

According to the Consumer Products Safety commission amusement rides constitutes one of the safest forms of recreation available to the public today. Bicycling, cycling, soccer, skiing, watercrafts, snowmobiling and numerous other recreational activities leads to hundreds of thousands more injuries and many more fatalities every year than those streaming from amusement rides of all types. Moreover, analysis of state amusement ride regulatory reports and CSPR data consistently shows that a Substantial majority of amusement ride related injuries are due to the patrons behavior, such as intentionally rocking cars, standing up, defeating safety restraints, sitting in-properly, etc. rather than mechanical failure or operator’s behavior.

Nothing is more important to Tons Of Fun Shows then the safety of our guest and their children. Each day, our rides and attractions are inspected by one of our certified safety inspectors. Using an inspector’s checklist that comes directly from the ride manufacture and approved by the Pennsylvania department of agriculture ride safety department; goes over the various checkpoints and verifies that the equipment is safe to operate. In addition to our own team inspecting the rides they are also inspected by the state of Pennsylvania.

Besides safety and maintenance of our rides and attractions, we also ensure that the event grounds are safe for guest also. Wires, cables, and hoses are all covered using cable protectors to help prevent accidental tripping and for easy access for those using strollers and motorized carts.

Height and safety requirements are important. Proper signage is in place on all of our rides and attractions. There is also height measurement signs by or ticket box listing the rides and the requirements as well as a measuring stick to see how tall your child is. For the safety of our Guest children who do not meet the posted height requirements WILL NOT be permitted to ride.

Please DO NOT INSIST ON CHANGING THE RULES, remember the rules are in place so that the riders are kept SAFE AT ALL TINES.

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